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Don’t be fooled by the phrase “hand-crafted.” Every Southern Pride smoker is manufactured at our 117,000-square foot production facility in Alamo, Tennessee, using state-of-the-art fabrication technology and assembly techniques. Take a look around our facility and see how our dedicated and skilled employees ensure Southern Pride products outperform other brands year after year.


After the raw steel is brought in, it is cut on one of our two lasers.

Press Brakes

The next step is to form the cut steel on one of three press brakes.


Any welding is done in the third step of the manufacturing process.

Stock Room

We have a large room dedicated to the storage of bought-out parts for our smokers and for replacement parts.

Sub Assembly

All wire harnesses, relay boards, and control panels are created in-house.


Smokers are assembled in work cells.

Quality Control

Every smoker undergoes quality control procedures to ensure everything is up to our standards,


Finally smokers are prepared for shipping.